How to Ensure the Best Headshot Photography Experience

 Headshot Photography Experience

As one of the best LA headshot photographer, Dino Mosley goes out of his way to make sure the experience and results are always beyond your expectations.

As a headshot photographer who has been working in this industry for decades, I believe that the most important factor that ensures the best results is confidence. This confidence is a direct effect of how comfortable a client is during the shoot.

When clients first come to me, I sit down with them to discuss the whole game plan for the headshot photography session. While each session differs depending on the requirements of the client, there are certain rules that I always ask them to follow in order to make sure the experience is untainted by unnecessary stress.

Here are a few things I discuss prior to the short.

Punctuality Pays

I always advice my clients to be on time because it will save them from stress and confusion caused by the haste. Plus, it gives me more time to discuss the details of the shoot one more time. Depending on the location of the shoot, weather, and availability of desired attire, there can be many last minute changes and I will be able to accommodate them more easily if everyone is on time.

Attire Matters

If you have come to Dino Mosley Studio in LA for a headshot for acting or modeling portfolio, remember that comfort is just as important as creativity. Sometimes my clients tend to choose costumes and props that are a little over the top and it is not possible for the clients to pose properly. Thankfully, my experience has gifted me the ability to read the signs of discomfort and I am always upfront about telling my clients if they need to change the attire or prop.

Environment Helps

I hold expertise in creating headshots for actors and models but I also offer my headshot photography service in LA for people who may need it for some other purpose, such as for a business profile where your confidence is just as important. Such clients are usually more nervous and clueless about the whole experience. I try to calm them down through a friendly chat session before the actual shoot. I play music of their choice and offer snacks during the session in order to make them feel more comfortable. At the end of the day, if I manage to make them smile naturally for the headshot, I know the end-result will be as perfect as I want it to be.

Creativity Is Important

So, I may have put a lot of emphasis on keeping it within your comfort zone but it doesn’t imply that I restrict creativity. If anything, I advice my clients to stay away from clichés. However, the ideas I come up with depend largely on what your requirements are, and the kind of personality you wish to reflect through your headshots. Based on such specifics, I am always willing to suggest costumes, backgrounds, and even outdoor locations. While I have worked by thousands of clients, there is hardly a shot that looks exactly like the other because I always try to bring your distinguished personality out. The background and all other elements are just the devices that help me achieve that goal.

Of course, some clients come prepares and some don’t. My job is to make sure they all get with the headshot of their life. In the future, I would love to share my experiences with some of my most memorable experiences with my clients.

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Dino Mosley