A Guide to Editorial Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t use it to emphasize the power of your written script.

Editorial photography, used mainly by magazines, newspapers and textbooks is utilized to boost the integrity of the feature peace and infuse a certain element of realism into the mix so that the readers can connect to it.

However, there is more depth to the concept of editorial photography than just that.

What is Editorial Photography?

The term “editorial photography” covers a wide range of styles. But the main point of this photography is to simply serve as an illustration. Unlike commercial photographs, editorial photographs do not sell products through their imagery.

To make the concept simpler, let us explain through the example of feature based on fashion. If an article is written about fashion or any particular fashion item, the images accompanying it would be connected to that fashion choice, preferably with some text added to the picture. The picture used to explain the fashion choice would serve as an illustration for a factual story.


Essential Purpose of Editorial Photography

Now, you may ask; “why not just use stock images instead?”

To answer this question and many more, here are our views on the purpose of editorial photography.


  • Product Placement


In many instances, businesses and brands have sacrificed the beauty of their product by opting for the cheaper option of stock images. However, this is the biggest mistake they can make. Stock images, while useful, do not lend the much-needed sense of realism as editorial photographs do. If the company uses an editorial image which incorporates their product, the feature conveys a more personal message to the customer.


  • Uniqueness


The problem with stock images is that they are used hundreds of times each year. Sure the image is edited and modified, but the underlying source is still the same, and that is something a reader notices. However, if you commission photographs that fit your style and brand, you have unique images that speak of your dedication to quality and customer impression.


  • Brand Image


Ultimately, you want such images to accompany a piece on your product that would be a reflection of your brand image and personality. With stock images, you can’t ask the source to provide you with images that would suit your style. But with editorial photographs, you would have a command over the right image, color, angle and orientation.


  • Legalities


Various stock agencies require a model and property release from their clients. But when you commission your photographs, the photographer obtains the model releases from the participants and property releases as well so that you can use the images as you want without any restriction.



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