Business Cards – Should You Add a Headshot?

When it comes to maintaining the reputation of your brand, your business card works as the first marker that sets the bar.

Your business card is designed to stand out but at the same time, communicate the message of your business and brand and what the client should expect from your services. 

If your card is not designed properly, just handing this form of identity to potential customers can drive them away.

This is why it is important you create a business card that not only looks unique, but also offers complete information for the potential clients.


Adding a Headshot to Your Business Card

Headshot have long been part of the business card format. However, this doesn’t mean they’re a cliché addition. 

Sure, you may think of the idea as a been-there-done-that deal, but the truth is that the trouble doesn’t lie in the headshot inclusion itself.

According to well-known LA headshot photographer, Dino Mosley , the trouble lies in the quality of image.

Why You Should Add a Headshot to Your Business Card

If you’re thinking about adding a headshot to your business card, understand its importance. Headshots on a business card work as basic branding.

When people see your business card before meeting you, they become acquainted with you. This way, when they meet you, they are able to connect with you, by associating your name and face with your brand. Your headshot allows them to make that distinction.


Finding the Right Photographer

Headshots on business card have a knack of coming out looking even worse than you can imagine. However, this fault does not fall on the printer’s shoulders. 

In truth, the quality of the headshot depends on the photographer who ultimately takes the picture. This is why it is important that you choose the right candidate to begin with.

If you’re looking for the best photographer in LA for professional headshots, Dino Mosley should be your first and only choice. His expertise in several styles in photography allows him to be a prime source for information on the perfect headshot.

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