Don’t Go Crazy With Makeup

“Makeup and hair are supposed to enhance your look, not transform you!”

~Youssef Abdelmalek

For many new working professionals, the struggle with knowing how best to ready ourselves before headshots can be very daunting, indeed! Our headshots are like any business card or handshake: they are the first impression that we give when applying to jobs or networking within a respective field. So how do we go about readying ourselves to meet this task head on? With the Best L.A. Headshot Photographer, I have come up with a few tips to guide you in this endeavor!



Not everyone may want or need to use makeup, but for those that do - simple goes a long way! To begin, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your skin the night before our meeting. Use a gentle exfoliator before applying moisturizers to prepare your skin for the finishing makeup. And when getting to actually starting to apply your makeup, use soft natural lighting to help you create a natural, even look. To ensure the best preparation before taking your headshots, it will prove advantageous to ask me to list out areas of concern prior to our sesssion.



Two other major obstacles that will definitely affect the outcome of the Best Headshots in L.A. will be the shine and the redness of your skin. To reduce shine you can buy blotting sheets from big name stores like The Body Shop. Or you can make your own at home using craft tissue paper (Monroe, 2013). Other methods include the use of: milk of magnesia (Goss, 2011), or even resorting to a prescription medication such as Accutane with the recommendation of your physician for severely oily skin (If considering, please refer to the link provided and see a physician for more information first). In regards to redness of the skin, it may be beneficial to invest in a foundation primer like Sephora’s Smashbox: Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Use the green primer since on a color wheel, green is the opposite of red, which means it would be best suited to mute that color.


Now that we have the basics set, apply light-natural makeup rather than something particularly vibrant. If you usually use a heavier makeup, try going a few shades lighter as heavier makeups can leave imperfections in an otherwise great headshot.

There are many more techniques that can be used to bring out your best self in your headshots, and a great deal of research will need to be done on the part of the aspiring working professional. But once you have found what will work best for you, the whole process will become that much more manageable! Even more so when you have direct assistance from a knowledgeable professional. Photographer, Dino Mosley, has the best makeup artists you will need to bring out your true character and natural beauty. 

So remember: research, find the right resources for you, and don’t cut any corners in trying to get where you belong. BOOK NOW!


Thank you, and until next time...

Dino Mosley