Clothing and Props

Headshots say a lot about who we are to possible new employers or contacts we meet. They can convey who we are as professionals, as individuals and as possible characters. What image we are able to personify through these colored eight-by-ten photos will act as the catalyst to spark our careers. And with so much to consider and plan for, sometimes we overlook one of the most obvious and crucial parts of our look: The Wardrobe!

Never fear, the Headshot Photographer is here with the keys to getting on top of your dressing woes!


Finding the right outfit can help to set you apart from and often prove you advantage over your competition when searching for a job. But to find the proper outfits for this endeavor, we must first consider who our audience is and what it is exactly that we are selling. Think of how you are being portrayed in your headshots as a potential character. Is this person very white, or blue collar? Are they the boy/girl next door, or the new in town sexual object of desire? These are questions that when assessed carefully can give us the edge in not only wardrobe selection, but in how to use that wardrobe effectively. For instance, say you are attempting to land a role as a police officer. You do not have to buy a police uniform and put on a full costume. Instead we could wear a button-up shirt with the top two buttons opened, and a blazer or formal jacket over top with jeans or dark pants (Cartwright, 2016). This look may suggest the intended character, but also be marketable as a drifter, a bank robber, or tough-guy role. What age ranges does this open you up to for possible characters? Ensuring that we have options because of our wardrobe choices is a very powerful move to consider when planning out your headshots. This is something that will help Headshot Photographer, Dino Mosley give you the best end product to propel your career forward.



Once you have put together the initial mental sketch of your intended character and are sure it is a guise that is currently marketable to agents and the like; we need to consider the actual clothes themselves! First, for both men and women patterns and jewelry need to be heavily scrutinized and if possible, should be avoided. Thick, eccentric, and busy patterns will pull attention away from your face and make it all about the clothes you wear, rather than your face and personality. In addition, you must avoid logos and ruffles, as these can also bring attention away from your features. To assuage this, if you absolutely must have a pattern, use tight lines with a thick spacing between bars. This can allow for less distraction, but add a touch of quirkiness to your character (Organic Headshots). When doing this though, do make sure to layer this shirt type with an appropriate jacket to minimize the accent of the shirt itself. And as for jewelry, keep it small and the less reflective the better. Next, avoid shiny fabrics! This goes for shirts/blouses, suits, ties, etc. Anything that will detract from the camera’s focus and cause glare can ruin your photoshoots! If you have questions about what will work best for our headshots, please refer to the Dino Mosley portfolio.


Now, when looking at specific examples of clothing remember: know your role. If you are advertising to a theatrical audience go with something dressier. Think of suits in simple colors like navy blue and grays, v-necks, and dress shirts. If going for more commercial, prepare casual wear. None-graphic t-shirtsand polos (Deutsch Photography). Make sure that the colors of these clothes provide contrast with your skin color complement your eye color. For example, if you have green eyes and fair skin tone, greens and oranges can help to accentuate your features. 

Whatever you do choose, always remember that you don’t need any gimmicks to broadcast what roles you are best for. Once you have the appropriate wardrobe, makeup, hair and photographer your look will speak for itself! The Best Headshot Photographer in LA can’t wait to hear from you, and help you drive your career ever forward and upwards! BOOK NOW!


Dino Mosley