Think You’re Not Photogenic? Think Again!

The phrase, “It’s not you, it’s me!” is that old cliche the dumper will tell the dumpee when they are breaking up with them. This obviously poor choice of wording lets us know two things: It’s totally the dumpee’s fault, and that the dumper is searching for something better. Now, this may be a terrible move to use in breaking a romantic relationship, but it is completely appropriate when you are not with the best headshot photographer ! When we have our headshots done, we are looking for an artist that can bring out our best selves. We want someone that is going to enhance our naturally attractive and important features. These photos are our keys to new professional opportunities, so you will need someone like Dino Mosley that will be able to do it the right way every time! That being said, there are a list of things that we professionals need to do before booking with a photographer.


Booking A Headshot Photographer

First and foremost, do your research! There are many online links and sites dedicated to helping you find that special someone. If long distance travel is an issue, make sure that they are local to you. Go to their website and see the work that they have done already. If they have a style that looks like something you would want mirrored in your own headshots, then that might be the professional for you! This is the part where you will start to thin your list of potential photographers, so take the

majority of your time here. Especially remember to check out the number one headshot photographer in L.A.’s site to see what a headshot professional is supposed to look like!

Next, you will want to book! Dino Mosley Photography has an easy booking page that will let you do just that. When you take this step, you are setting an important milestone in your professional career! From this point, we will confirm appointment times, what you will need to have before the photoshoot and discuss hair and makeup options. It is my goal, and that of any seasoned headshot photographer, to return the best possible results. And once you start this process I will guide you through it and stick with you the whole way!

Preparing for a Photoshoot

Third, and this can be done while going through the booking stage: prepare and get to know your photographer. Not all photographers are equal in skill and experience, but when you are working with L.A.’s best headshot photographer you are sure to get the highest quality treatment out here! I will let you know what will work best with your headshots, what tips and tricks have lead to success in my previous works, and also what things to avoid when getting ready. And in doing this, you will gain a better understanding of where I come from and what I am all about! I have found that once you are more comfortable and able to trust your headshot photographer, the better the end result will be. Stress and other negative emotions show up in your images, so I take it upon myself to make this experience the easiest and most comfortable that it can be!

In closing, remember that there are no shortcuts to getting these things done. Do your research, communicate with your master headshot photographer, and prepare effectively -- and this big part of your career will be easy! Book Now!

Dino Mosley