Your Headshot is Your Calling Card.

Your headshot is your calling card. It is the single most important tool for any level of actor and model. Unfortunately, some attempt to lessen the seriousness of this important asset by neglecting its inherent value and cutting corners in its development. I, Photographer Dino Mosley, will not allow for my clients to receive anything but the best! If you wish to be taken seriously and professionally, please consider the following when planning the construction of this most paramount of banners.

What It’s Worth

Remember, however much we invest into our craft will determine how much more we will receive in return. If we attend seminars, formal schooling or any other means of self improvement -- we should expect to yield a profit for our dedication and hard work. The same can be said for our headshots. When you pay me to take your headshots, you place investment into me and the skills that I have honed. In kind, I will use the best of my ability to produce the best possible product for you to add to your arsenal. Your investment will reflect the yield with any artist, so choose the TOP HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER in Los Angeles to place your trust in.


Show The Right You

Casting directors by-and-large, expect your headshots to look like you on your best day. They should be able to recognize you during walk-ins and appointments. They should also be able to recognize you from past works and interviews. With this in mind, do not drastically change your appearance prior to or while taking your headshots. The worst thing that you could do at this phase is limit your possible roles by using gimmicks and ploys to push a specific narrative. For example, dressing in a lab coat and stethoscope to land a doctor role. Your headshot should, again, be your best self in an 8x10” frame. In summation, simplicity is key! And I, Dino Mosley, will do my utmost to keep our headshots simple and clean.

Eyes Are Worth A Thousand Words

Since your face is the central focus of this marketing material, it becomes paramount to discuss the importance of expressions in our headshots. Facial expressions cannot be completely controlled and can come as a response to multitudes of stimuli (Sulur, Your outside concerns, attitudes and feelings can show up in your headshots, and therein narrate the effectiveness of your photo. 

To better the odds of taking an effective headshot, I have developed a tried and tested method of getting my subjects into character. I will typically start by making sure that our wardrobe will work for the headshots before any photos are taken. If the you, the client, are feeling uneasy or nervous before or during the shoot I will recommend that we take a break and listen to music or your choice or talk for a bit. This will allow us time to unwind and regain composure. Refreshments will also be available in my studio! The overall goal here is to make the headshots I take as stress-free and natural as possible. Furled eyebrows and overly pouty expressions can compromise our final results, and thusly cost you more time and money to retake your headshots. So, as the BEST HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER IN L.A., I will take care to ensure that we will not run into this kind of problem and effectively prepare and pay close attention to your level of comfort while shooting. 

In short, place your trust in me and we are sure to provide you with the best headshots you have ever had! BOOK NOW!


Dino Mosley