Black and White Photography Makes the Best Photoshoots

Photography is all about capturing the true essence of the moment. When it comes to that, it is only fair that you know the right tricks of the trade. Shooting pictures is not something that everyone can do. It takes sheer determination, a blazing desire to captivate the best version of reality.

If you truly are into photography, there is something for you beyond amateur colored pictures. You can and should master the art of black and white photography.

What Is Black and White Photography?

When we refer to this term, we are not just pointing at an image that does not comprise of colors. We are talking about the true artistry of what a photographer can do with a camera. Black and white photography holds a rich history to itself, and the sheer mastery that it requires to pull off a decent image. If you want to learn how to turn your black and white photography into a hot-selling photoshoot, here is a little insight into a few tricks of the trade professionals use. It is these tricks that make black and white images that result in compelling photoshoots.

Contrast Effect

The last thing that you would want for a picture from your photoshoot is for it to seem two-dimensional. Experts like Dino Mosley make the most of contrast in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen. What you can do is increase the contrast of your black and white shot either from within the camera or while giving it a final touch on your computer. This will result in stronger, more authentic imagery.

Another thing that expert black and white photographers do is that they comprehend the tonal contrast of a scene. This helps them understand the shot that would look best in black and white. A simple rule of thumb is to divide a site into two shades, light and dark. Those that are lighter will turn into the highlight and vice versa. This part of color contrast has more to do with having the vision.

Monochromic Mode

A great businessman has the vision that could prove prolific for the business. Similarly, an expert photographer has an eye for sites that could turn into a perfect black and white shot. This is not something they learn in a day or two, but takes years of experience instead. A great way to start will be by trying to see the world in monochrome. This will help you understand the difference between objects that will render great results in black and white and which ones wouldn’t add much to the appeal of the image.

Highlighted Patterns

One of the best things about a perfect black and white shot is that it highlights the shapes and patterns present in the image. This is something that is very difficult to distinguish in a colored image. It is because of this that you get to witness the details inside the frame.

Black and white imagery also lets you observe the connecting elements both in the background and foreground adding more detail to captivate the attention of a viewer.

This also adds to the creative ground for the photographer. You can use even the simplest of the things like a shadow of a person and use it as subject matter in your picture.


A picture can deliver a thousand words in a single moment. A key reason why black and white photoshoots are often the best is that they are explicit in nature. Professional photographers use them to give words to a picture. This is because they highlight elements that normally go by our eyes unnoticed. People tend to love these pictures because it gives them another perspective to look at.

The Lingering Creatures

While well-lit scenes have their own beauty, darker ones can also be compelling at times. May it be a photoshoot for a thriller movie or a cover for a catalog, darker images have their own unique touch. They are better portrayed in grayscale than in a colored photograph. The reason being that a black and white picture highlights the lurking creature while keeping its face in the shadows. The way this is complemented by the darker background is what makes a black and white picture perfect for this photoshoot.

Where Do I Start?

If you are a newbie in photography and want to begin with a black and white photoshoot, it is recommended to start small in and indoor setting where you can easily control the environment. Here is what you can do to take a kick-start.

Get the right lights

Lighting is among the majorly important factors in photography. It, however, plays an even greater role in black and white photos. A simple misuse of lighting can result in an entire shift of focus from the subject. When it comes to indoor photography, black and white portraits are often the most common pictures shot. You can start by using incandescent lighting that is normally opted for in case of black and white indoor photoshoots.

Use Diffusers

Another major component of indoor photography that you would need for your black and white photoshoot will be diffusers. They help soften the skin tone and result in portraits that are truly captivating. Experiment with the lighting angles and how diffusers can help you give life to the subject’s expression.

The Backdrop

While in black and white portrait photography, the background is usually blacked out. Yet you can incorporate it into the picture by using a backdrop. Again, it is about how you use you lighting equipment to blend the object and the background together.

Professional Help

Are you wondering how a professional shoots pictures in black and white? Get in touch with Dino Mosley Photography. We are among the top photographers in Los Angeles. You can hire us to shoot indoor/outdoor black and white or colored photoshoots. We also offer consultancy services in this area. For more information, just (323) 332-1197 or drop us an email at

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