Cropping Your Headshot

Proper Framing and Cropping Your Headshot

If you're a LA based attorney, real estate agent, hairstylist, actor, model or any other working professional looking for a headshot photographer we all want the best products for our time and money. This is particularly true when it comes to taking professional headshots for actors and models. These types of professionals utilize this major resource to construct divisive tools such as business cards, social media marketing, and professional traditional marketing (e.g. fliers, I.D., banners). None of these products, however, are possible without professional knowledge on how to best refine and enhance an original image. For this, we look towards artists, like myself, to demonstrate an adept understanding of proper framing and cropping techniques. These skill help us to best utilize our rough material to elicit an effective final product. The Best Headshot Photographers lean on this concept heavily!


Wide Shot

First, I usually start by taking a wide shot. This will allow me to be adjust for a desirable composition for the purposes of the headshot. For example, if the final product is meant to be used for a banner --  from a wide shot I can crop the image to allow for extra negative space to add text or other imaging. Should I need to tighten the shot into a vertical, tight crop, I have ample room to pull from with a wide shot. In this step, I can really start to consider and plan possible composition and placing for the final headshots. In short, the wide shot will give us the most versatility for our time, and therein leave the most room for a diverse product. I, Dino Mosley, will take a large number of shots in this way to use when I proceed to the next steps of actually cropping and framing the images.


Fundamentals of Photo Cropping

Second comes the actual shaping of the image. Here at Dino Mosley Photography, one of my many strengths is placed in my inherent precision in cropping and framing. Much like the master photographer Arnold Newman, I have firmly grounded myself in the fundamentals of photo cropping. A quote regarding his 1945 photograph of Igor Stravinsky made a great point to this effect:


“You can’t crop, you can’t dodge your print, etc, etc., … But the great photographers that these people admire all did that!”  Masterclass, 2013  Once we have the source materitypicallyal taken from our wide shots, we bring our image into our photo editing software and set exact margins for where our subject matter must exist. I will place the eyes one third of the way down from the top edge of the appropriate frame. This will be where we can set the focus of the photo on the client’s face. 


Firm Grounding

With this in mind, I will use this firm grounding in the fundamentals of photography to elicit the best possible headshots for my clients.

In closing, this long-tested and proven process will be our key to creating amazing headshots. These headshots will be able to accurately and effectively reflect the presence you will be able to bring to your potential roles. Whether it is a stance of authority, sex appeal, or quirkiness -- The Best Headshot Photographer in L.A.’s methods will be strong tools for the working professional to add to their arsenal! BOOK NOW!



Dino Mosley