What Makes a Fitness Photographer Great?


Being a photographer is something that adds fun-filled adventures and story-telling experiences to your life. From wedding to wildlife photographers, everyone showcases their art in a unique way and form. However, there are also fitness photographers who arguably top the list of photographers in terms of their experiences. 

Here are a few things that will help shed light on what actually makes a fitness photographer great.

Working with Experts

There are not many forms of photography that allow you to meet professionals from other industries. Fitness photographers get to work with the expert fitness trainers. Working with these people helps to get the best possible photograph by making sure the right muscles are flexed during the photo shoot. It is a mutual experience that helps these photographers enhance their skills to a whole new level. 

Playing with Angles and Lighting

Lighting is generally among the major aspects of photography, but in fitness photo shoots, it plays an even more important role. You have the opportunity to learn the way lighting works, and how it helps to exaggerate the muscle tone of the body during a fitness photo shoot. This also helps the fitness photographer to learn more about how he or she could make the most out of the photo shoot. 

What further makes such photographers great is the fact that they know better about what different camera angles can deliver. This also makes it easy for such photographers to enter different genres as they have knowledge of different lighting, angles, and how these factors affect each picture. 

Group Effort

Unlike most other types of photographers, fitness photographers work in groups. They don’t just impose their ideas on sporting experts or models but, in fact give them a free hand to do their thing. Working hand in hand with them helps the cameraman catch shots that boast utter class and gives away the essence of truly captivating sports pictures. If nothing more, this also makes the entire photo shoot a fun place to be. 

Since there are more people involved, fitness photographers have the opportunity to produce results unlike most photographers from any other genre. This is something that reflects well in fitness photography, especially if the shoot is executed by top professionals like Dino Mosely Photography.

The Homework

One of the key factors that make these photographers great is the fact that they have a certain set of poses to go for. Whether the shoot is for a gymnast or a strength trainer, every body type has certain shots that help in highlighting the physique. Since most of these tend to be repetitive, these photographers often excel in what they deliver. 

However, this does not take out the element of creativity from their work. These photographers may know what poses a shoot requires, there is a lot more that is specific to the environment. These situation specific elements of a fitness photoshoot require a photographer’s creative side to emerge, and adapt to the circumstances. 

Capturing the True Essence

Not all photographers have the liberty of capturing a photo in its truest form – however, fitness photographers do! They have the chance to showcase their hold over the camera by bringing a picture to life. They capture athletes doing exactly what they do, how they do. This is where they have the chance to showcase their talent. Even the minutest of the things like a stride of a person running, the expressions of a weightlifter lifting weights, the hand movement of a boxer and so on and so forth, these photographers have the chance to make the most of every shot. 

Why a Fitness Photographer?

While photographers of all genres have something unique attached to their role, none of them are able to perform the job of a fitness photographer at its finest. On the other hand, things can move the other way around. These photographers have the ability to take on most genres with sheer professionalism. This is because they are experts in using lights and can make the most of almost every environment—something not many photographers can enjoy. 

Moreover, since these photographers mostly deal with portraiture, they are experts at regular portrait photography. Their ability to point out details as they do in fitness photography is also what makes them stand out among the bunch. In short, such a photographer may offer great results while doing wildlife or sceneries, but other photographers cannot provide great fitness photo shoots when it comes to fitness photography.

Finding A Fitness Photographer

Finding an expert photographer, let alone a fitness photographer, may not be the easiest task to undertake. If you are looking for one, here are a few tips that will help you opt for a great photographer for fitness photoshoots.

Years in The Field

No matter how great a fitness photographer is, it is the years in the field that determine the expertise in this type of photography. There is a lot of detail that needs to be trapped in a frame and that sense of capturing the truest picture only comes from time spent on the field. This is why when searching for a photographer, make sure it is more than just a few years of experience in fitness photography.

Type of Fitness Photography

Did you know that there are categories in fitness photographers? The best photographers for fitness photography tend to boast their experience in all types of fitness photography whether it is in muscle fitness, yoga, gymnastics or any other. The reason why it is important is that all of these types of photoshoots demand different settings, and only a true professional would know the right difference.


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