Dino Mosley Celebrates Health and Fitness in Los Angeles With Motivational Fitness Photography

Dino Mosley’s expertise in fitness photography boasts his image as one of the best fitness photographers in Los Angeles.

Redondo Beach, CA – Jan 5, 2016: As a leading name in headshot, fitness, fashion and editorial photography among other styles, Dino Mosley offers his experience and creative eye for all seeking a professional able to provide them with an ideal photography experience. Offering tailored services to his clients, Dino Mosley brings out the very best from his clients, making sure that all their requests are incorporated in their photoshoot so that they are comfortable and satisfied with the results.

Although he is experienced in all fields, Dino excels in fitness photography the most amongst all styles. For Dino, the reason he pays close attention in fitness photography is because he wants to move away from the usual styles that we see in magazines nowadays. Instead of focusing on those aspects of his clients that would make them look like the airbrushed images, Dino does his best to bring out the strength and effort that exudes from his clients’ image. For Dino Mosley, that is the real beauty.

And with the world becoming more accustomed to the concept of redefined beauty, Dino is taking his experience and offering it all those who want to see themselves in a new light; one that would reflect their health and happiness truthfully.

In a statement released to the press, Dino Mosley himself spoke of his reasons behind his unique eye in fitness photography, “I’m glad that the world has finally opened its eyes to the most classic form of beauty. Nowadays, the image that we see of the ‘ideal person’ only comes across as fake. We see tall, utterly gorgeous people, sculpted and photoshopped to within an inch of their lives, gracing the cover of numerous magazines. And we try to become like them. But in doing so, we forget that we are beautiful as well. That even those people in the photographs don’t look like the images we see on the magazine covers. But with my help, those people around me who have worked so hard to attain their desired physique can do the right thing, and document their efforts in such a way that it would show their hard work in the best way!”

Along with various affordable packages, Dino Mosley offers his services in a full-service photography studio with wardrobe consultation upon arrival. The services also offer a changing room, water and snacks as well as a downloadable online link that would offer the entire session in high resolution. In addition, Dino offers various methods of payment as well such as online quick pay, cash, check and credit card.

About Dino Mosley Photography:

Providing his services to clients in LA, Dino Mosley Photography offers affordable packages for all seeking expert photography services for different styles such as beauty, editorial, fitness and fashion. Dino Mosley also offers headshot photography.


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