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Editorials Make the Best Content


When we hear the term ‘editorial’, what comes to mind is a separate column written in a newspaper, blog or magazine about a potentially debatable topic. We think ‘text’ when we hear editorials, but there is so much more to the term. 

Editorials mean different content for different industries. When it comes to fashion, it is more about exotic images than about a certain topic selling hot in the daily news. This is where fashion photography makes its way in. Before we get into how editorial and fashion blends to form elite content, here is a brief introduction to help you grab the concept with ease.

Editorial in Fashion Photography

For any fashion magazine or blog that presents editorial content, photography is always a key aspect of it. This can either be done by the internal stylists and photographers, or the platform may hire external professionals to create something more dynamic.

This is not just a regular form of photography. You cannot expect photos with utter clarity, nor can you expect the pictures to fit the guidelines of regular photography. The entire focus is on preparing content that is of the most exotic nature. The photoshoots often contain the most bizarre techniques, not to mention the clothing. In a nutshell, editorials in this form of photography highlight the artistic end of fashion, with little to no intention of featuring brands for advertisement. 

Creating Elite Content

Let’s consider these reasons for why editorials make elite content. 

They Aren’t Commercial

As absurd as it may sound, not being commercial actually leaves great room for creativity for fashion photographers. The result? It translates into pictures that are the epitome of artistic fashion. These pictures follow the theme of the editorial to highlight the genre or the main idea of the story.

Since they aren’t commercial, and have an entire theme to work with, fashion photographers have significant room for artistic expression and creativity.  From uncommon techniques to unique apparel and more - editorials end up with some of the best visual content. 

The Serve a Greater Purpose

Blending fashion photography and editorial photography has allowed us to produce something that is of greater meaning. With fashion, photographers capture the essence of lifestyle while editorials add a hint of the story. The photos are more than some random clicks by a photographer.  They convey the mood of the textual content. In other words, they are not related to demonstrating factual accounts. Instead, the images captured speak about the realism of the story being discussed. 

Richness of Content

Editorials in light of journalism bind a photographer. It forces the photographer to capture images centered around the story being published. With fashion, the same photographers can add richness to their pictures. They get to offer readers a rich-enough image that truly assists the visualization. This is what makes fashion editorials stand out from the rest.

They Aren’t Traditional

The non-traditional nature of fashion editorials is often what allows the work to be perceived as epic content. There is nothing about editorial photography for fashion that is remotely associated with traditional photoshoots. It offers a unique perspective to the story urging the viewer to take another glance at the imagery. 

The photos shot for such editorials are edgier in nature. They consist of models wearing extreme makeup, striking intense poses, in a lighting setup that breaches traditional boundaries. This is what makes them edgy, and edginess translates into exquisite content.

They Define Usage

Advertisements are meant to exhibit style. Brand photoshoots ensure the portrayal of how stylish the brand is. This concept was altered a while back with a number of marketers opting to sell a relatable story. Instead of focusing on the product itself, fashion photographers focused on telling a story through their photos. They told users about the usage in a never-before-told manner. 

This is what editorial photography does. Images don’t sell a product, but instead give meaning to the story that you are reading. It allows them to create great visual content for the editorials. 

They Follow a Theme

What makes editorials different from regular photography is that every issue tends to follow a theme. With clean composition, the images are all aligned with the same idea, yet shot at entirely different locations. This is what the beauty of fashion editorials is. To comprehend a better picture, think Vogue! The cover of such magazines present a specific theme followed in the Editorials section. 

Link Between Fashion and Editorial Photography

A common misconception that prevails is that editorial photography is the same as fashion photography. While they both come from the same root, there still are negligible differences. One of them includes the 'purpose' for which the photoshoot is conducted. 

Fashion photography is more inclined towards lifestyle. On the other hand, editorials tend to showcase a theme or story. The area where both these forms meet is art! Both the forms tend to promote artistic imagery created to induce readers and viewers into the displayed images.  Fashion photography is not just about showcasing a product – it also focuses on the styling and mood of the image.

Similarly, when it comes to editorial photography, fashion does play a major role, while excluding the commercial aspect. Editorial photography emphasizes telling the story regardless of the extent it has to go to in order to achieve its motive. This is why when editorial and fashion photography blend together, it results in some of the most exotic photoshoots that you may ever have the opportunity to witness.   

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