LA Headshot Photography Makeup Tips


 Find out what type of makeup looks the best on camera and how you can ace it during your LA headshot session.

LA Headshot Photography Makeup Tips

Over the years, I have come to known that very few people would take a photographer’s word for their makeup. It is hard for me, as headshot photographer, to tell them that what they have done is not very camera friendly look. That is why I have a makeup artist in my studio, and I even appreciate when clients bring their own makeup experts. Professional makeup artists know how to work along the photographer to bring out the best in the photos.

However, if you wish to do your makeup yourself, there are certain tips I would want to share to make sure your make up turns out better on camera.

Start Natural

It is not the best idea to arrive at the studio with your makeup and hair done. If you want a variety of photos in one session. It is best to show up with no or minimal makeup. Light coverage of blemishes and imperfections is fine and we will build from their as the session proceeds.

This gives us the freedom to try different types of makeup with different types of looks. We can start with soft and natural look and go for bolder ones later. This way, you won’t have to remove your makeup to change the look.

Don’t Forget Touch Ups

For touch ups, pack some oil absorbing paper instead of the powder as the latter tends to make the skin dry. Dry skin doesn’t look very flattering on camera. The more moisturized and hydrated it is, the more beautifully it reflects the light. Also, some lip-gloss or balm would also make for a goo backup.

Treatments and Hair Removal

Make sure your hair removal, tanning or an appointment for any other salon treatment is at least two days prior to the shoot. These treatments can make your skin look irritated and even makeup wouldn’t be able to cover that up.

For me, however, I recommend shaving right before the shoot. It looks much cleaner and better even if you are not going for a complete shave. For tanning, men should also take at least two days break.

Contact Lenses

In my opinion, unnaturally colored lenses create unnecessary drama. They kind of overshadow your own personality. So, unless you are looking for something really dramatic, I recommend clear contact lenses for the shoot. Also, keep your contact lens solutions and comfort drops in your bag to avoid dry and red eyes.


Dino Mosley