Costing an Audition – The Power of a Professional Headshot

If your casting director hasn’t called you for an audition, the problem may lie in the first image you presented to them; your headshot. Your headshots make or break your career—which is why you need a professional headshot photographer.

Don’t see the need for it?

Here are mistakes in your headshots that are costing you a successful career, brought to you courtesy of Dino Mosley, leading headshot photographer in LA!

What Makes an ‘Unsuccessful’ Headshot?

  • Cheap Shots

When considering headshots, you have to think of them as a long-term investment rather than just an instrument that would contribute to your success. Headshots offer the first impression when given to a director for a job. Opting for a cheap headshot will give off the impression that you’re not serious about your professional endeavors.

Beware of images such as black and white shots, selfies or pictures taken by friends; they fail to reflect your true potential as an artist.

  • Your Choice in Pictures

Will you ever choose a hairstyle or a piece of clothing without getting a second opinion? Not in this case, you shouldn’t.

When choosing a headshot, count on the objectivity of a professional to help you get the right frame. In further detail, you need a headshot that displays a wide range of emotions for you. In short, your portfolio would have to show that you are capable of exuding emotions that would be required of you for a particular part.

  • Un-natural Shots

Your headshot has to look as natural as possible. Your pictures portray you and your acting skills. If you show up for an audition looking very little like the person in the picture, your audition will end before you even start your lines.

Your headshots have to be taken in the most natural setting. Minimize any use of makeup; don’t style your hair in a way that would differently show your features. Don’t choose a shot that dramatically changes your appearance.

  • Too Much or Too Little

You have to be in the center and as far away from the lens so that you show your full face, neck, hair and upper chest. Don’t position yourself too close to the camera, so much that only your eyes, nose and mouth is visible. You also need to show the audience your full appearance.

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Headshots

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