Making a Statement:  The Importance of a Professional Headshot

In the media and fashion industry, the chance of a person getting the job they want greatly depends on the headshots they’ve send to casting agent or directors. A professionally-taken headshot exudes class and a sense of dedication through the portrait. It shows your potential employer that you are serious about your work and thus increases your chances of being chosen.

Nevertheless, despite all these details, there are still many among us who believe that it is perfectly alright to forego a professional headshot photoshoot and simply use their own images to further their career.

They are wrong.

The Purpose of Headshots

The phrase “never judge a book by its cover” doesn’t really apply in the real world. As shallow as it may seem, we are all judged for the way we look, specifically in an industry where our appearance plays a major role in our success.

With a professionally taken headshot, we have the opportunity to show ourselves in the best light. It takes a few seconds for a person to make a good first impression. But if your headshot is not able to convey your desired image through the picture, you may lose your winning chance.

In addition, with the ever-increasing competition, your headshot is your one chance to be memorable enough that one look would compel the agent or director to notice your worth.

Benefits of Headshots

  • Look Your Best

A professional photograph ensures that you’re looking your best. While your regular photographs may seem passable, they won’t have the correct light composition or angle to show your assets in the best way. When the camera is away from clients eyes they’re usually relaxed and then that’s when the session starts. They would think I am not paying attention to them 9/10 times. Through this, they will create a more natural poses and not something that looks comfortable. I sometimes tell my subject to forget that I’m even there and have them sit how they normally would sit. 

  • Smart Decision

A headshot photograph will serve as a stepping stone towards success. For all the people around us that are hailed for their success, the reason they reach the top is because they make smart decisions along the way. With a professional headshot, they have an image to reflect their smart decision.

  • Ward off the Competition

There are countless people that are vying for the same position you want. As such, you need to make a better image than the person before and after you. You want to be the best option from the bunch.

  • Social Networking is Easier

Using your headshot for all social media platforms presents a sense of uniformity and professionalism on your part. With a good photograph, your old and new contacts will be able to use your net-savvy skills to their benefit. In fact, if they like what they see, opportunities may even come to you online.

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