Don't Miss Out on These Fashion Hacks

Although we often only associate the word ‘fashion’ with exotic and trending styles (and it’s fair, since that is what fashion is all about), the fact remains that everyone has their own definition of fashion. Thus, not wearing designer labels do not mean you’ve fallen outside the boundaries of ‘fashion’. 

From casual to formal, to the exotic extreme, no matter where you fall, you satisfy the definition of this term in some way. The different fashion forms also diversify the skills of fashion photographers from each other accordingly.

Are you looking forward to making a contemporary fashion statement? Here are some key fashion hacks for you!

Factor in Details

Unless you are a fashion guru, there is a good chance you don’t take into account the details of being fashionable. You may wear a classy set of clothing, perfect for a portrait photographer to shoot, yet overlook minute details. Remember, you can add accessories to your attire. Maybe carry a scarf, or jazz up the way you knot a tie! These simple tricks can allow you to follow a much fancier fashion trend. 

Wear a Watch

Nowadays, people often don’t wear watches if they have their cellphones with them round the clock. Well, today’s watches are not just there to tell the time. These days, watches define contemporary fashion. They define class. Watches are now a symbol of prosperity! You don’t have to buy a high-end masterpiece though. Just wear a classy watch next time you go out.


So, when we say shave, we don’t mean going beardless. It’s all about carrying your look. If you have a styled beard, upgrade it. Change the length. If it’s rough, make it neat. Longer beards are quite in fashion these days. In fact, a lot of fashion editorials have shots of bearded men. Fashion photographers who work with editorials often prefer opting for bearded men as models. Beard or no beard though, it’s all about updating your style every now and then. 

Socks are Important 

We often undermine the importance of socks. Yes, they may not be the most visible aspect of your attire, but they surely have great importance, especially when you’re channeling elite fashion. Popular figures can be seen wearing unique socks at different occasions. The best way to carry a colorful set of socks is to blend it in with your shoes and by wearing high narrow-bottom pants. Socks can be the perfect transitionary medium from pant to shoes, offering a smooth flow of style from head to toe. 

Brands Are Not!

Brand names offer a near-perfect line of clothing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy from regular stores. Yes, the latest trends are important when you are having a photoshoot with a fashion photographer! However, branded stores aren’t the only way to acquire the best clothing pieces. You can even create your own style, by blending elements of the traditional and contemporary. You may even throw in some aspects of outdated fashion and complement it with a contemporary style. The unique blend with your touch of creativity is what fashion photographers crave for. 

Footwear Defines You

One of the very first things people notice about your attire is your footwear. Make sure it is on point! Try out fancier shoes that complement what you’re wearing. Blend the shoes well with the color-scheme you have opted for. Suede in electric blue is quite in these days. It blends well with most colors and forms of clothing.  Also, always keep your shoes clean. No matter how fancy or attractive your shoes are, if they are not clean, you can rest assured that a portrait photographer would rather cropped them out for a picture.

Wear Prints

Clothes printed with unique designs are a common part of women’s fashion. On the other hand, men sometimes hesitate to wear printed apparel. This time, why not go a little beyond your comfort zone and experiment with printed clothing. From T-shirts to shorts, printed clothing can add that bit of color and style that your wardrobe is lacking. Coordinate a matching set of clothes, and you will find yourself in the midst of a fashion photoshoot. 

Go the Other Way

Some people like to dress casually, while others prefer to suit up wherever they go. Sticking to the same style can get a bit boring especially when we’re talking about fashion. It is therefore, important that you try out different styles. You should always have a few sets of staple clothing that you wear more frequently. Also, keep a few denims with you to enjoy the informal side of exemplary fashion. If you ever hire a fashion photographer, they would be glad to see your diversified wardrobe! 

Carrying the Attire

We all have that favorite piece of clothing that wears out. To keep them alive, we have a few tricks here for you!

  • If you wash your denim with cold water and a cup of white distilled vinegar, it will keep the color from fading away, while cleaning the clothing.

  • Placing a teabag in your shoes for a night can take away that awful odor that often tends to stick.

  • Silk is delicate. Use a tbsp. of baby shampoo and mix it with lukewarm water, and hand-wash the clothing. The material will be washed without damaging the silk.

  • You can clean your gold jewelry simply by using a cloth dipped in beer. The next time you wear it, make sure it shines as if it were brand new!

  • Sweat stains are the last thing you would want on your clothes. They may not be very visible to the naked eye but camera lenses are sure to catch them! To make sure your portrait photography spree goes well, soak the stains in a mixture of crushed aspirins and warm water.

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