Great Poses to Consider for Headshot Photography

If you ask me what is the most difficult part of headshot photography, I would say it is the pose. And it is just as important as it is difficult. You can have the best looking face in the world and you may have the most outstanding fashion sense, it doesn’t mean anything if the pose isn’t right. Your pose is your paralanguage spoken through a photo; it can completely make or break your personality.

Not all my clients are actors and models with clear idea of what a good pose looks like. Some people are born with the talent to pose in front of the camera, some gain experience through practice, and some arrive at LA headshot photography studio without any idea of how they should pose.

One can go into a more detailed discussion about how one pose can be great for one project and not so much for another. However, it is a discussion that is best held in person when I know the purpose of the photo shoot my clients wants. For now, I want to share some of the most universally flattering poses, which in my opinion suit most people and work for most purposes.

 The Leaning Pose

Clients who are too shy to pose for camera often find it hard to stand straight without getting too stiff. That is why I prefer leaning poses as leaning to one side can help them relax. Leaning again a wall or railing makes the pose seem more natural. It works great for outdoor shoots.   

Arms Crossed

When leaning isn’t possible or desirable, crossing your arms can be the next best thing. Actually, it works great when you want your photos to reflect your professionalism and seriousness. This pose adds a sense of authority to your personality, and also helps you loosen up the stiff muscles without looking too relaxed and laid back.  

Sitting Pose

Another one of my favorites for outdoor sessions because it helps my clients relax better. We tend to have more control over our body and facial expressions when we are sitting. Sitting on a stairway or a chair with hands perfectly placed on the knees, can make you seem confident and content in your photos.

Action Poses

Action poses are mostly preferred by actors, models, and sometimes by professional who want pictures for digital portfolios.  They are the best when actors or models are trying to pose as a certain character such as a scientist or a doctor. There are many yoga poses I prefer for fitness models or lifestyle gurus. The possibilities are endless, yet these poses seem the most natural.

Book your appointment with enough time on your hands for a detailed discussion about poses for your headshot session. Meanwhile, try practicing the aforementioned poses in front of a mirror to see what works best for you.

Dino Mosley