Posing Guide for Professional Headshots

I will be honest - I love it when clients come to me with a clear idea of what they want and the confidence to pose for the camera without reluctance. Most models and actors I have worked with tend to be very comfortable in front of the camera.

Surprisingly, an eight-year-old boy came to me with the confidence that could actually make many pros drop their jaws in awe.  Jaden was truly a photographer’s dream-client but let’s save that story for some other day. Today, I want to talk about my clients who are not professionals and have very little knowledge of how to pose for a headshot.

As a leading LA headshot photographer, my job is to help my clients pose for a natural looking photography where they look their best. Over the years, I have gathered several smart tricks up my sleeves that help me deliver on my promise of the best headshot photography in LA.

If you are an amateur actor or model who hasn’t grown accustomed to the camera yet, or someone who needs professional headshot for business or personal reasons, read through my process of how I help my clients pose like a pro.

Comfort Comes First

My first priority is to make sure my clients are comfortable with the environment and people. Don’t come to me expecting a snobbish LA headshot photographer; come to me as a friend because that is how I like to treat my clients.

Before we start the session, I take my time to talk to my clients and know them better. This gives me an insight into their personality and helps me determine what poses would better suit them or posses they will be more comfortable with.

I try to create a soothing environment to help people relax. Camera is quick to catch any glimpse of nervousness and it might even exaggerate it a bit. I am a strong believer in the power of music, and I play my client’s favorite songs to help them get in a good mood.

 If you find comfort and good food, you will find a healthy amount of delicious snacks to enjoy during the session.

My Pro Posing Secrets

Once again, I do not expect all of my clients to know exactly how to pose their best. There are many tips and tricks that I share with them to pose like a pro. While it is just a headshot, I focus on the overall body language to make sure the shot is as natural as possible.

For instance, I tell them to relax their shoulder muscles and bring their forehead forward as it is one of the most universally flattering angles for headshots. For many people folding their hands and leaning slightly on one side works wonders. It takes a little bit of exploration to know the poses any client is comfortable with but it is extremely important for taking the best headshots.

Unlike other headshot photographers in LA, I don’t force a smile on my clients. I try to talk about things they enjoy so that the smile comes naturally to them.

 If you are too nervous about your headshots and don’t like how unnatural they turn out to be, let me assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Book your appointment or get in touch to see the difference!

Dino Mosley