Style and Grace – Preparing for a Headshot Session

Hiring a photographer for your headshots can seem like an easy task when you’re burdened with the responsibility of looking your best for the photoshoot. With your headshots, you want to come off as professional-looking as possible, but at the same time, you want to exude your style and personality in a natural and approachable way.

And for that, you need to prepare accordingly. However, if you haven’t the first clue where to start, don’t fret!

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your shoot.

Preparing for Professional Headshot Photography

  • Clothes

Headshot photography requires you to style yourself from your mid-chest to the top of your head. So a shirt would probably be the most important item on the agenda. Find a shirt that doesn’t drive attention away from your face i.e. has bold and bright patterns. Instead, go for a solid colored shirt that elongates your neck and adds a glow to your skin. Also, stay away from any clothing with large logos.

  • Skin

Drink at least 7 glasses of water in the week prior to your photoshoot. This helps in keeping your skin plump and smooth. Stay away from fried and salty foods and avoid exposure to the sun since that can irritate your skin and leave it looking dehydrated. Get plenty of sleep to avoid dark circles under your eyes. For extra help, treat your skin to a cleansing facial, but do so a week prior to the shoot date. Often, your skin can get irritated and break out, so don’t take the chance.

  • Hair and Facial Hair

If you want to get a haircut, have it done a week or two in advance. Freshly cut hairstyles tend to look strange on camera so it’s best if you avoid it. Also, don’t choose a complicated style since replicating it for the shoot can cause issues.

As for facial hair, if you have a mustache or need to have some trimming or plucking done, do so a couple of days in advance so you don’t have any red marks left over.

  • Your Preferred Style

Apart from the above style tips, one more important tip is that of knowing what you want. Modeling for a headshot can be difficult if you don’t know what to expect from your images. Prepare for the task by thinking ahead and practicing your looks in the mirror.

Your photographer will be there to help you out, but it’s always better if you come in with your ideas too.

  • Prepare for the Trip

Before your photoshoot, take the necessary steps to make sure you don’t end up in any stressful situations. Be sure of the route to the location of the shoot and map your route. Give yourself at least two hours to spend at the location and find a comfortable spot so that you don’t feel too rushed. This will help you in feeling comfortable with your surroundings.

Communicate with Dino Mosley

With all the above tips, the last thing you should do is communicate with your photographer. They are there to help you achieve your goal, and will try their best to help you feel comfortable.

Having worked in the business of professional photography for 11 years, I have a lot of experience with a wide array of clients from the world offashion and beauty, editorial, law and fitness. As such, I will have the answer to your questions if you have any!

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Dino Mosley