The Art of the Perfect Attorney Headshot

Potential clients are more likely to contact you with their business if they believe they trust you or like you. As a part of human nature, it’s obvious that a client would draw their conclusions of your personality and services through your image. This is why it is important that, as an attorney, you give the client the right impression through your photographs and headshots.

Taking an Attorney Headshot

Attorney headshots are most often taken to convey a message of friendliness and professionalism. You may choose to look stern or sometimes softer, more approachable according to your choice. Whatever your decision may be, you have to make sure that your headshot conveys the gravitas it needs to entice potential clients to contact you.

And to help you achieve such a headshot, here are some tips for your next attorney headshot.

Be Friendly, Rather than Stern

A stern, commanding look will convey your power and ability to do your job. But it will also give the impression that you will talk down to those around you. So instead, choose a friendly posture. Smile a little and give an open expression. Relax your eyes and allow your approachability to come through.

Know Your Audience

Depending on your area of practice, be more casual and opt out from trying any typical poses. Your headshot has to reflect your personality, but it must also reflect your connection with your field. If your practice is family law, take a softer approach – if you are a business attorney, be conservative.

Hire a Professional Photographer

You are in a professional work field. Your pictures would need to be of high quality and professionally taken. As a long-term investment, your pictures would need to present you as your best self. And that cannot happen if you use a selfie.

Keep it Simple

Dress to impress, but don’t forget to keep it simple. Choose attire that would be slightly darker than your natural skin tone to make your skin glow. Avoid any busy patterns that would take attention away from your face. If you are male, forego with the tie so that you look more approachable and relaxed.

Keep Options

Get your photos taken in a variety of positions. Have a photo taken with a client, this will show how you conduct yourself with other people. Also, have a picture taken with your family. This will make you more relatable. Manage your body language in your varied options and keep your tone, style and quality consistent in all.

Hire Dino Mosley for Your Attorney Headshots

At the end of the day, your attorney headshot needs to present you as a dependable professional in the field, one that can help the client achieve their desired result, and I can help you present such an image.

I’m Dino Mosley and I’ve spent years perfecting the craft of headshot photography, serving clients in fashion, beauty, fitness and editorial to overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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Dino Mosley