The Dream Shoot – Clients Who Make Headshot Photography a Rewarding Experience

People talk a lot about what they like in a photographer, but I think knowing what a headshot photographer likes in a client is a great way to know how two can work together to create and amazing experience and brilliant results.

I have worked with an unlimited number of clients in LA, and people often assume that my favorite clients are always the good-looking models and actors. While I love working with models and actors, you may be surprised to know that the number one spot on my best headshot client list is taken by an eight year old.

Jaden showed up at my studio with his parents and I was expecting them to talk to me about how they wanted the session and the shots. To my surprise, it was Jaden who did all the talking. That little guy was straight business. He was dressed appropriately and wouldn’t settle for a run of the mill headshot session. He knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted. He came with all the homework done and didn’t shy away from giving his input.

No, I never take it as a nuisance if that is what you are wondering. I love it when the clients are sure and confident. The more input you give, the more personalized the experience becomes and your personality reflects through the photos even more brightly.

So, if you are afraid that I, as one of the vest headshot photographers in LA, wouldn’t like you sharing your thoughts and opinion, you are seriously mistaken. I want it my headshot sessions to be all about my clients.  I would appreciate, if like Jaden, you too come to me with a clear idea of what you want.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like working with those who are slightly clueless. Actually, that makes for most of my clients who aren’t model or actors. I have become an expert in assisting and serving such clients. With such clients, I first work my way into explaining the specifics that will gradually help them get better understanding on their own needs. The session begins only after I see that my clients now have a clear idea and seem more confident about the session.

So, whether you are like Jaden or a complete contrast, you can choose my headshot photography service without a doubt in your heart. You can get in touch with my team to find out more about our studio, services, and sessions before you show up for the shoot.

Dino Mosley