This Is How Experts Do Photography

Since the invention of the camera, people have been enticed, amazed, entertained and enthralled by the art of photography. While some people began taking photography as a full-time profession, others opted for it as their hobby. One way or the other, photography found its way into our everyday lives. 

The popularity of this art led people to explore this further. People have traveled to throughout the world to capture mesmerizing moments. They have turned mundane everyday objects into those phtos that evoke feelings of grandeur. Photography is an art that is difficult to put into words. It is definitely one that transcends all physical boundaries.

The Expert Way

Expert photographers learn skills that translate into ageless, timeless photos. Hobbyists continue to make do their best to imitate these professionals.

For such people, knowing the tricks of the trade to professional photography is nothing less than a jewel. This is why we’ve dedicated this blog to let you in on some of the simplest, yet most important tips and tricks on how expert photographers turn their photos into a pure art form.

Rule of Thirds

Every subject has certain basics. When it comes to professional photography, a core aspect of the basics includes the rule of thirds. This rule has little to do with your camera or lighting, and is more about your angles. Expert photographers like Dino Mosley Photography have an eye for creating an imagined grid over the frame. This grid lets them place their subject in different parts of the picture creating unique angles. 

The rule of thirds also requires that something key in the big picture should be present at the intersecting points of that imaginary grid. For one, it allows your subject to be in a more dynamic position. It doesn’t mean that placing a subject in the center is something that should be avoided. The rule of thirds only allows professionals something unique to play with. It allows them to create a picture that goes beyond the basics of photography.

Shooting RAW

One thing that you will find common in pretty much all the expert photographers is that they all prefer shooting RAW images. This is what differentiates them from other photographers. Shooting a RAW image allows professionals to gather all the data a lens can possibly take in. 

Not every camera that we have at our disposal allows for shooting RAW images. Even in some of the most high-end cameras, you often don’t find the option. Professionals prefer using cameras that have the RAW shooting option. Also, shooting in this mode produces pictures of the best possible quality. It is then up to the photographer to edit it according to their preference. 

Times of The Day Matter

A professional always knows the right time to shoot to get the image they want. Before even beginning to photograph a picture, they know exactly what they want the end product to be. This helps them greatly with the prerequisites of the job. In other words, there are certain pictures that are better shot earlier in the day. The lighting in the early hours is great for taking smoother, less hazy, and more colorful photos. You can also shoot an hour or two before the sunset to enjoy the same lighting effect. It all depends on the type of photography you are doing. Sports photographers normally prefer these golden hours to shoot their subject. On the other hand, expert photographers capture great sceneries during midday. The sunlight offers a great contrast to the pictures. A great tip is to underexpose by around two-thirds in while shooting in broad daylight. 

Macro Mania

Expert photographers specialize at taking macro shots. These are basically shots of the subject from a close point of view. They prefer using lenses with ranges between 50mm and 200mm. They use cameras with better focal lengths so shooting subjects like a butterfly from up close can be done with ease and better precision. 

To add the effect of greater depth to the image and in order to make it look livelier, a slight blip of flash is cast on the subject. Some expert photographers also use the Third Hand—an equipment that assists while shooting macro pictures.

Going Black and White

Did you know that expert photographers love shooting images in black and white? This is a form of photography that allows them to take timeless images. A perfect example in this regard is an image with a moving background like water or clouds, shot with higher exposure. They also use a variety of filters to make their monochrome images even livelier. In short, black and white is among the most favorite forms of a photoshoot when it comes to professionals of the industry. No wonder it is so difficult to get a perfect shot in monochrome. 

Becoming a Professional

Photography is far beyond being just a hobby for many people. It has now become a profession for a lot of people. The best part is that photographers are always found to love what they do. This means they always put in far greater effort in their work and  consequently yield greater results. 

If you look forward to becoming a professional, you can follow in the footsteps of expert photographers and learn from the tricks of the trade they use. There are a few basic dos and don’ts you can begin with. For instance, always showcase your best work and be open to constructive criticism. Explore by playing around with different angles, apertures, and exposures to see what results you can come up with. Having an end product in mind—a photo that you believe is great—will also get you going in the right direction. 


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