What to Expect from Your First Headshot Session

Although the thought of having your headshot taken by a professional photographer can seem intimidating; it is actually one of the most fun experiences!

A Typical Session with Dino Mosley

Once you arrive on the day of your shoot, I make sure to help you understand about this collaborative process.

Before we begin the photoshoot, we talk about the specific parts of the photography process. We discuss what the client is looking for, what they disliked about their previous headshots, whether they are trying to attract a new clientele and what they want their ultimate impression to be. This allows me to get the gist of what the client’s need entails.

The reason why I take so much time in learning about my client is because I want to create a great rapport with them.

If the person is uncomfortable or feeling as if they are in a formal environment, their reservations will reflect in the pictures. This is why I try to create a relaxed atmosphere with lots of energy in the room.

Next, I give you some options for exploration such as makeup and wardrobe options.  We discuss the angles that are best suited for your vocation and then discuss the expressions that would make you look inviting and confident. After that, we take some time in the directing process and carry on from there.

A typical headshot photography session takes a minimum of 60 minutes. But it can last a lot longer if your shoot requires multiple looks. For a photographer, that’s not an issue since we want to spend this much time coaching and directing you so we get the best images possible.

During this session, we sometimes take somewhere between 300-400 shots so that there’s more to choose from in your proofs. Don’t worry though, because I’m always there to help you choose the best headshots.

You have the freedom to change your outfit as many times as possible, so that you have a variety of images. Whatever your choice, I make sure that you have a good time and a desired result.

Working with Dino Mosley in LA

I’m Dino Mosley and I’ve been in the business of professional photography for 11 years, taking headshots for a wide array of clients from the world offashion and beauty, editorial, law and fitness.

For more information, check out my portfolio and learn more about the art of photography on my personal blog!

Dino Mosley