Social Popularity – Why You Need a Headshot for Social Media

Ditch the selfies!

While you may think it is alright to depend on your selfies to portray your image on social media, you could not be more wrong.

In our physically disconnected world, it is important that we have some way of connecting our personality with our professional life. We need to represent our self to the world in a way that will make them understand that we mean business, even if our picture is no bigger than a thumbnail.

Keeping Up Online

Keep in mind that while your resume and business profile do show you in a professional light, the client would still want to learn what you are really like, personality wise.

With more and more social media sites popping up, you need to give each platform an image that would convey a positive message about you. And that cannot happen if the current Facebook profile is one of you drunk and laughing your arms around your friends.

Why You Must Look Professional on Social Media

It Shows the Audience You Care

Sure, you may have the necessary qualifications, but do you make an effort in other parts of your life? Your pictures need to show that you prioritize your appearance and that you make the effort to look presentable.

It Shows that You Make Smart Decisions

For successful people, opportunities don’t just fall into their laps. They take the right steps, talk to the right people, but above; they make all the efforts to look the part. Making sure that you have a great image is a decision you have to take if you strive for personal success.

It means you are a Professional

Whatever your occupation, the right image presents you as an individual who means business. You can’t leave first impressions to chance. So whether you’re a business person, model or an attorney, understand that the right image will show that you are serious about your career choices.

It Shows that You Understand Your Competition

Although this should be common knowledge, not many people who compete for a viable job do so properly. With your social media platforms all lined up and organized, you get a leg up on the other competitors. In short, you convey a message to your potential employer, “the others don’t look half as good as I do!”

It Shows You Understand the Importance of Social Media

Social media platforms are here to stay. From big business parties to individual professionals, every person has to make sure that they don’t have any image on their profile that shows them in a less than desirable light. With a good photograph, you will have a distinctive personality online!

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