Business Headshots

Want to make a lasting impression on prospective clients? Get a professional headshot by one of Los Angeles’ best photographers.

Business Headshots

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Headshot Photography by Dino Mosley

Having a charming personality and breathtaking looks doesn’t guarantee a gig unless everything is perfectly captured and reflected in your headshot. If you are a professional actor or a model, your headshot is your most important calling card. It takes an experienced and insightful eye to get headshots impressive and impactful enough to enchant the beholders.

Your headshot should be worth 1000 words and a second glance.

I have invested many years to master this art. And today, I stand as one of the best headshot photographers in LA. My job is not just to take photos, but to help aspiring actors professionals and models like you to find their path to stardom.
If you wish to be taken seriously and professionally, please consider the following when planning the construction of this most paramount of banners.

What It’s Worth

Out of thousands of people who aspire to make it big in show business, only a handful find the success they desire. One of the most important reason behind their failure in this field are attempts to cut corners where you should invest the most – like in your headshots.

Having worked with a wide number of actors now enjoying fame and fortune, I believe that however much we invest into our craft will determine how much more we will receive in return. As an actor, model or in the professional industry, you may have invested in seminars, classes, and grooming, so as a Los Angeles headshot photographer my forte is to make sure the results are reflected in your headshot.
It is not just another investment you should make; it is what is needed to make all your efforts and investment pay back.

Bring Out the Best in You

Who you are is your greatest distinction. Casting directors are looking for who you really are and not who you are trying to be.  As a professional photographer who knows the ins and outs of the industry, I always advise against drastic transformation through excessive makeup, over the top wardrobe, or overdone expressions. Remember, you only have a 8x10” frame to showcase the best you have got, so simplicity is the key. You can count on my expertise and the team at Dino Mosley Photography to help you get cleaner and simpler headshots.

Eyes Are Worth A Thousand Words

The professional industry or acting modeling– it is all a game of expressions. Unfortunately, there are not as many headshot photographers in LA who can capture any expressions at all, let alone the right one. Your best headshot is one where your eyes convey the message you want to your casting director. I have created my own tried and tested strategy to help you have better control over your expressions during the shoot.

Every shoot begins with a conversation that will ease your nerves and make you more comfortable in my LA professional photography studio. During this conversation, we also discuss wardrobe to get you into the right character. My attention to all these aspects has gained the reputation of best headshot photographer. You can count on my expertise for the best headshots you have ever had.

Headshot Photography: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

As a working professional, you’re probably accustomed to dealing with a host of different people on a routine basis. Working with them or for them; in business or in law—you continuously strive to exceed their expectations, hoping to leave a favorable impression every time you meet a new face.

While you may indeed be exceptional at what you do, you may lack the tools necessary to present your professional identity to the world. And this can definitely hold you back from reaching your career goals in the long run!

Perhaps you’re incredibly qualified with a stellar portfolio to boot. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of your talents and putting yourself out there means more than just listing your accomplishments! It is for this reason why all working professionals invest in a reputable photographer for a professional headshot.

If you’re a Los Angeles-based attorney or working professional looking to upgrade your forgettable headshot to something more impressive—get in touch with Dino Mosley!

I’m a professional photographer, determined to improve your chances of success with a photograph that says: “Yes—I can!”