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Writing a piece for the local news? Let your images do the talking by hiring a professional editorial photographer in LA.


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Editorial Photography: Adding Richness to Your Content

When you’re creating content for journalism or print, you’re under enormous pressure to create something that truly stands out. From a relevant title to an engaging opening line, each word has the power to captivate a bored reader, pulling him or her into the orbit of your story.

Whether you’re writing an article on authentic Indian food, a piece on organic agriculture or simply publishing a travelogue about your journey to South America, you can bet there’s someone else who’s done it all before.

With a plethora of talented writers taking the world of publishing by storm, it’s up to you to ensure your content holds the power to transfix readers.

Readers are visual thinkers—and one way to grab their attention is to tap into their imagination with professional photographs that bring your words to life!

I’m Dino Mosley, a professional editorial photographer in LA. Check out my portfolio and contact me for queries and bookings today!